Profile of Pastor Austin B. Parker, Sr.


Superintendent Austin B. Parker, Sr. is a warrior of the Lord and an ambassador for Jesus Christ, who answered God’s call to lead his people to victory. Early in his childhood years, he exemplified leadership attributes. He is a product of a single-parent family, and being the eldest he had to assume the role of a substitute father to supplement the family’s income. 

Unbeknownst to Superintendent Parker, he was being prepared for his divine mission in God’s kingdom.

In 1991, Superintendent Parker became Pastor of Wells Chapel Church of God In Christ, located on the corner of MLK Drive and Hudson Street in Greenville, NC. The following year, Bishop LeRoy J. Woolard, Bishop of the Greater North Carolina Jurisdiction, appointed Superintendent Parker as the Superintendent of The Bishop Wyoming Wells District. His primary responsibility as Superintendent is to oversee nine churches, contributing to their growth and prosperity as churches of the community.

Since 1991, God has taken Wells Chapel to novel plateaus by establishing a holistic ministry that caters to the spirit, soul, and body. Due to the leadership and guidance from Superintendent Parker, Wells Chapel Church is now recognized as a powerful force against the ills of society and the immoralities of this world. The positive affect that Wells Chapel has made is apparent and prevalent throughout the community. Superintendent Parker began an outreach ministry that has extended to the masses in Greenville and in surrounding locations; his radio ministry entitled Power to Live has edified and given hope to the destitute, despondent, and the underprivileged of society. Before Superintendent Parker became Pastor of this church, it had spiritually and physically deteriorated and depreciated. However, God gave Superintendent Parker a timely vision that not only gave the spiritual realm of the church a metamorphosis, but the physical aspect as well.

In October 1999, God gave Superintendent Parker a vision to build Him a new house of worship. This vision started to unfold when we, Wells Chapel COGIC, Inc., purchased 15.9 acres of land in June 2000, which was miraculously paid in full by May 2002 through tithes and offerings alone. The construction of this edifice was started in the spring of 2006 and completed in January 2007.

Superintendent Parker is an anointed and dynamic man of God that upholds the standard of genuine holiness and righteousness. His love for God, the ministry, his family, the Saints, and mankind is unparallel. He is a man of unshakable faith and impeccable character, consistently living the life that he preaches and teaches. Furthermore, he is a man of integrity, strength, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

When the foundation of character was formed, divine mysteries were embodied in Superintendent Parker. His uncanny ability and energy has manifested in his leadership role as a Superintendent, Pastor, husband, father, and grandfather.